TLU study abroad brochure design

Tell a story with your print piece

At Briley Design Group we are always looking for unique solutions to print projects. There are many ways to make designs stand out like foil stamping (the application of metallic or colored foil), blind embossing (subtly provides a three-dimensional or raised effect to paper) and die cutting (used to produce unique shapes, edges, and message windows). And then there is the creative fold, which is a great dimensional tool that delivers a message with great impact and interest.

According to Sappi paper company, “A fold can be a way to illustrate an idea. It can serve as a storytelling device that gives designers the ability to control the “reveal,” letting readers take in the first level of information before lifting the fold to move deeper into the story. The fold itself becomes an integral part of the narrative, reinforcing in a tactile way what is stated in words and images.” (The Standard—Scoring and Folding v.4)

Know When to Fold ’em
A perfect example of a storytelling fold is a piece we recently completed for Texas Lutheran University. The viewer unfolds the brochure four times revealing four study abroad opportunities offered for TLU students. When the reader gets to the center of the piece, more detailed information is described. Unique folding engages the reader, directs the reader’s attention to key points, and interjects an element of surprise.